Outdoor Patio Lights and Heater – Buying Guide

If you have a patio, then you would have definitely thought of getting some outdoor patio lights to brighten and decorate. You should know though that this kind of lighting is something that you may not want to just randomly pick from a store and install without putting some thought and pre-planning into it. There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind when shopping for outdoor patio lights.

Why You Need Patio Lights

Having outdoor patio lights is not just about trying to make your home patio look as classy as a hotel or resort patio. Installing patio lighting is all about creating the right atmosphere while promoting the safety of your property. Outdoor patio lights should therefore be correctly chosen and carefully installed to both get your desired ambience effect that you want and to illuminate dark areas where people may be susceptible to having an accident. In addition to patio lights in winter, You may also need a good patio heaters that will keep your patio warm and make your winter more enjoyable.

There are a great many options of patio lights to match almost anyone’s taste and preferences. It’s just a matter of knowing what choices you have. Here are some good ideas for outdoor patio lights.

  • One of the newest and popular options these days is to get embedded lighting. You can choose to embed outdoor patio lights in pots, furniture and other patio fixtures. Two other popular areas to embed lights in are the patio steps and floor. These embedded lights can help prevent injuries from tripping or falling. The good thing about these kinds of lights is that they are weather resistant and can be stepped on without getting damaged.
  • Lanterns are great lights to put up especially for homes and patios with themes. Lanterns can come in modern designs, paper type designs or in custom shapes and styles. You can even have luminary lanterns with figures and objects, animals and scenes. Some lanterns can project the images onto your patio walls, furniture and landscaping when you turn them on.
  • Festive outdoor string lights are also another option for outdoor patio lights. You can string these lights on your patio railing or at the bottom of your patio roof during parties or special occasions. Festive lights can simply enhance the feeling of any party or celebration.
  • Outdoor patio lights in the form of a table centerpiece is also one good option if you want to save space on your patio. You can easily connect your electric table light to an outlet from the stem or body legs of a patio table.
  • Aside from table centerpiece lights, you can also install patio umbrella lights under your table umbrella. This is a highly functional and focused type of lighting that you will find useful for night dining, late night table conversations, and evening poker parties.
  • Lamp post type of outdoor patio lights are never out of style. There are numerous designs ranging from European, Oriental to modern. Lamp posts are perfect if you want to complement a specific theme or add interesting patterns in a patio lay-out. Stand alone lamps do take up some space and would therefore work best in wide patios.
  • Torches are another great idea for patio lighting. You can choose from torches made of bamboo or metal with a wide range of designs. You can go medieval or tropical depending on your preferred style.

Patio Heater Buying Guide

Patio Heaters are perfect for keeping your friends and family warm when the sun sets. Outdoor patio heaters generally require little to no maintenance. Hanging heaters are hung from the ceiling of a patio, deck, or sunroom. Tabletop heaters are the smallest heater on the list and will usually only heat a very limited space, but they’re a particularly affordable option if you only need that small space heated. They make it possible to enjoy your outdoor space year-round and help ensure the comfort of you and your guests!

Most maintenance is heaviest when the heater is getting the most use, and most require simple upkeep including checking for obstructions in the gas line, checking gas connections for leaks, clearing the burner of insects, and checking the propane levels in your tank. They are ideal for small spaces, as they don’t take up any room on the walls, floors, or table tops. They’re usually electric, but you can find some gas models. Choosing the right type of patio heater for your outdoor space will ensure you achieve your maximum warming potential. Before purchasing your patio heater, decide whether you will need it to remain portable (propane powered using a propane tank), or a fixed installation (using an existing natural gas line). Note that if you have a propane unit, you can not use a natural gas line, and vice versa.

The majority are electric and require permanent installation. Many of them look like miniature versions of the floor standing patio heaters – the same design, just small enough to put on top of a table. Thanks to the design of this heater, you can be sure that it will be completely safe for your guests and family to use. With Propane powered units, you retain the ability to move the patio heater to different locations as needed. These models range in BTUs from under 10,000 to 30,000+. Radiant heat is the same way that the sun heats your skin (minus the harmful UV rays). Ever look through night vision goggles?

Free-standing patio heaters are perhaps the most versatile because they don’t require any special equipment or furniture to set up. A steel grille around the heater prevents anyone from getting too close to the source of the heat and it also stays cool to the touch. For Natural gas powered patio heaters, you must keep the patio heater within the range of the 10ft Quick Connect gas hose. Well what you’re looking at is radiant heat emanating from physical objects. They have stable bases that allow them to stand on their own, so you can place them virtually anywhere.

You can stay a safe distance back from the flame thanks to this touch. If you’re confused, you can read this article to learn more about radiant heat and infrared technology. These patio heaters come in several sizes and styles, ranging from large, full-sized models that are meant to stay in one place to small, portable models that can be easily moved around as needed.

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